THE BIG FAMILY by Vina Delmar


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A biographical family novel deals with several generations of the Slidells. In the main, Vina Delmar has held reasonably closely to the known facts, though she has had to elaborate on the marriage of the gently born Jane MacKenzie to the humble soap boiler in New York. Keyed accurately to the developing characters, even the fiction reads as fact. To the average reader John Slidell is a name associated with the Civil War and the kidnapping of Mason and Slidell from a British ship by a Union vessel. Miss Delmar has filled in the gaps with the story of ""the big family"" and the big fortune. There was plenty of available melodrama but it is the human factors in the development that give this its substance. And the scene shifts from New York to New Orleans where the Slidells became an important part of the South. John Slidell Jr. and his brother Tom, their association with the notable Judah Benjamin, are all a part of earlier American history. It is a many faceted story with more to offer than most of Vina Delmar's work and it has a substantially popular appeal.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace