SPEAKING OF CANADA by Vincent Massey


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This book consists of some of the speeches which Mr. Massey made while he was Governor-General of Canada during the years 1952-1959. There are speeches of a political nature: he interprets The Meaning of the Coronation for the Canadian people, addresses the U.S. Congress, remarking on the resemblances between the two countries, examines the true sentiment of Canadianism and offers an appreciation of the contribution made to Canada by its immigrants. These talks are inevitably platitudinous, for which their author, from time to time, apologizes. It is on the subject of The Liberal Arts and the Universities that he seems most inspired: on the founder of Trinity College in the University of Toronto, John Strachen and his ideas of education; The University and Freedom; the functions which the modern university has assumed; the role of the small college. There are addresses before various professional associations, on The Written Word and a miscellaneous section which includes: The Mission of the Jews, Women's Place Is...? and Christian Social Order in a Changing World. Mr. Massey's talks are characterized by preciseness and a formal, scholarly tone. Though they are, on the whole, unexciting, they are obviously the product of a civilized mind and are enlivened occasionally by a mild wit. First published in England, this edition will also include some of the speeches in French.

Pub Date: Dec. 23rd, 1959
Publisher: St. Martin's Press