THE PARIS PUZZLE by Vincent McConnor


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Chief Inspector Damiot, still living at the Hotel Dauphin with his dog Fric-frac, is investigating the stabbing death of Hollywood movie star Alex Scott--when the computer turns up two recent unsolved murders apparently committed by the same knife (and involving the same black-haired prostitute). And, though Damiot takes some evenings off from his investigation into the victims' backgrounds to pursue a new affair with Andrea Brandon (a blond American admirer), a connection is finally turned up--when the beautiful Vietnamese prostitute Lolo is found murdered with the knife in question. Unfortunately, the reader--as usual in this series--will be way out ahead of Damiot in the deduction department. But, though McConnor again pads heavily with gourmet meals and weather reports, this is something of an improvement over The Riviera Puzzle--a more intriguing plot and, mercifully, less of the intolerable Fric-frac.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1982
Publisher: Macmillan