THE FRENCH DOLL by Vincent McConnor


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This suspense story-- of sorts, since it is formula-ted and automated on the installment plan-- follows Kirk Fanning to Paris where he assumes the identity of one Jeff Crossman, presumed dead. Twenty years earlier Crossman had marked on a flight chart the location of a sunken submarine, carrying a cargo of opium. Fillers on Jeff's past via his parents, a girl friend, etc. assist in the tracer and the revelations lead to several innocent victims, La Poupee, once a dancer, now a broken woman in an asylum, and ""The Fish."" On the surface, there is some tourism around the city, some Michelin starred meals and a Miserables-Third Man chase through the sewers. Elementary French phrases abound on almost every page, Eh Bien! Mon Dieu! Que diable! Well, all right. Ca va? Non.

Publisher: Hill & Wang