AMADORO by Vincent McConnor


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A two-steps-behind-the-reader, quasi-psychic mishmash from the ever-predictable McConnor (The Man Who Knew Hammett). Here, Ash Hendrie, who writes the cover profiles for Metropole magazine, has just finished Sandra Saunders, world-class psychic, and is now assigned Lyli Amadoro, the most beautiful woman in the world--except that Lyli won't cooperate. Still, he perseveres. . .and uncovers three husbands who died in accidents; parents she detests; a hidden-away daughter with a birthmark; and another child, this one with a satanic gleam in its bratty little eye. Meanwhile, Saunders has premonitions; another psychic, who knows Lyli, is coming to Town Hall; Amadoro is found dead in her penthouse; and Ash reconnoiters and discovers that the place is riddled with secret passageways. "Alfredo, Afredo," mumble the psychics--as Ash concentrates on the so-named hubby No. 3 and his progeny; Saunders is winged at Town Hall; her co-psychic retires to regroup; a plane takes off for Switzerland, and the little culprit gets away--with Ash's inexplicable approval. Repetitive narrative, which reads like a Shirley MacLaine primer. The only interesting bits: Ash's modishly celibate marriage.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1989
ISBN: 312-93041-0
Publisher: Tor
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