THE NAMES OF JESUS by Vincent Taylor


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In a sense this volume is a technical, expository study of the names given to Jesus in the New Testament and Christian tradition. But the author's approach is so unique and arresting that a much wider circle than that of New Testament scholars and theologians will find it interesting and stimulating. The author is one of Britain's well known New Testament scholars. In this study he examines no less than fifty-five names and titles given to Jesus. In addition to the principal names and titles such as ""Christ"", ""The Lord"", ""The Son of Man"", ""The Son of God"", Dr. Taylor includes the many Messianic titles such as ""The King"", ""The Judge"" and the soteriological titles: ""The Saviour"", ""The Mediator"", ""The High Priest"", ""The Saint"" and finally Christological titles such as ""The Image of God"", ""The Bread of Life"", ""The Word"" etc. The author's thesis is that it is possible to trace the development of the thinking of the early church about Jesus through the names used of Him. The development of the devotional and liturgical life of the early Christians is also reflected in the names used of Jesus. A valuable scholarly work.

Pub Date: June 25th, 1953
Publisher: St. Martin's Press