ADMISSIONS: Notes froma Woman Psychiatrist by

ADMISSIONS: Notes froma Woman Psychiatrist

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Admissions -- the double meaning is fully operative -- is an intern or rather resident-styled account of (a) psychiatrist Benetar's work with a handful of patients who come in and out of a large but therapeutically limited urban facility and (b) insets on her private life -- the ten year marriage which foundered and the current affair with a much married older man. What information or insights you pick up are dropped casually -- Dr. Benetar's reservations on how little can really be accomplished via drugs in between recurrences, on the ones you win and the ones you lose, etc. With particular interest you will follow her concern with Elaine, a runaway from more than ten institutions who keeps coming back -- the gift with a pretty face in a sick sick head; or Beth, full of lice and bedsores when first deposited by a dreadful mother -- unmanageable for days to come. You will read it as it was written -- as ""partly documentary, partly autobiography,"" candid and cathartic.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1974
Publisher: Charterhouse -- dist. by McKay