WALK EGYPT by Vinnie Williams


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Toy Crawford is not a fitting name for a woman as strong as the heroine of this book. But ""Toy"" was the name her child-mother gave her, that day she was born into a poor Georgia hill family. Early in her life, Toy Crawford learns the futility of her name, learns it from a primer of fear and responsibility:- her father's grotesque murder at the hands of a cuckolded husband; her mother's total indolence and insanity; her absorbing loneliness as she cares for her brother and sister and runs the family mill. Toy is a woman, but a woman who walks in the fear of the leviathan, the behemoth. Her marriage to a good man, her loveless motherhood, and the death of her child make complete the ring of pain with which she is bound until, like Job, she yields, allowing herself to love God without understanding the meaning of the torment he inflicts. An honest novel, Walk Egypt vividly portrays its locale, welding the temper of its characters firmly into the country from which they spring. The heroine is possessed of a rich reality, far more convincing than the average woman of modern fiction. Her break through to love evolves with the largo strength of a southern spiritual.

Publisher: Viking