OH BROTHER! by Viola Rowe


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An uneven story of teen agers in a midwestern town takes Penny through the trials and tribulations attendant on her twin brother's induction into the Army. For most of her 17 years Penny had adored and looked up to Pete, but now, being left on her own brings mixed feelings. Penny wants to be independent and doesn't know whether or not to resent it when she finds Pete has commissioned his friend Slats to keep an eye on her- ""like a brother"". When Penny becomes infatuated with Kent Harrigan- a brash youth- Slats and her conscience are in the background. But she joins in a community project for a teen age center and at a New Years dance, with Pete home on furlough, Kent is definitely shown up as the gentlemen he is not. Yet episodes and trivia detract from the central theme to make it seem almost as inconsequential as the rest.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1955
Publisher: Longmans, Green