ON WINGS OF FAITH by Violeta Constantine Kokenes


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Constantine Aristides Kokenes' ambition to have his be the first family in a private plane (a single engine and a second hand machine at that) to circumnavigate South America is the basis of this account, told by his wife, now his widow. She tells of their long distance, and war-interrupted, romance, of the succession of planes after their marriage, and of the development of Connie's idea which led to a successful 1,900 mile flight with their 6 year old son Tiko. Taking off from Florida, to Cuba, Trinidad, via the Dutch Guianas, they flew the east coast, crossed the continent and came up the West, flew jungles and oceans, and toured further at every point of arrival. It is a personal, warming story of uncharted incident, chance meetings that made new friends, and of out of the way places; it is also an account of the formalities of such informal travel with the customs and immigration regulations to be met in each country; it is a record of individual flight that has a very personal atmosphere. If ever a book on flying is for women, this is it-for the Cuban-born Mrs. Kokenes plays this with a highly emotional hand, with an ending in which, her husband and child killed, she is finding her way to a livable future.

Publisher: Random House