THE CIVIL WAR AT SEA: The Final Effort by Virgil Carrington Jones

THE CIVIL WAR AT SEA: The Final Effort

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Volume III of the definitive and really first rate series on Civil War sea fighting takes us from July, 1863, to the conclusion of the War and Northern victory. In doing so it covers some of the very best---and most exciting too--- of the Civil War maritime material. With the same scholarly attention, and the same suspense as the two earlier books, it plunges us immediately into hot action. The scene is Sabine Pass where the Confederates claimed a really brilliant victory over Federal forces. From there we see a series of naval innovations---the torpedo boat, the submarine, the long, range gun all pressing the sea warfare of the twentieth century. The submarine Hunley's attack on the , the adventures of John Yates Beall, sea guerilla; the fantastic fight miles in from the sea on Texas' Red River; the destruction of the famed Alabama by France; and of course Farragut's famed fight at Mobile Bay, form the major portions of the volume. How the South fought at sea gallantly even after the War was over, and how the U.S. Navy effectually blockaded the southern coast, make fascinating reading. This brings to a conclusion a really laudable historical work.

Pub Date: Nov. 19th, 1962
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston