VIP QUIPS by Virgil Partch


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Vip puts a bit of zip into the rebus, to wit: Woman to dog with a full food bowl: (""picture of a well), (picture of a star) --T - 10."" Sneaking burglar: ""I M T-P 2-(picture of a wing)."" Child to companion at movie ticket booth: ""S-(picture of stool)-8 2 C D (picture of two feet) (picture of chair)."" Two kids observing a third: ""S E A G-(picture of a knee)-S? "" ""(picture of a knot) (picture of a fishing reel)-E."" And for the witless, all the pictures are reproduced and labeled at the end. N X-(picture of a straw).

Pub Date: June 6th, 1975
Publisher: Windmill--dist. by Dutton