BELOW THE POTOMAC: A Book about the New South by Virgini Bahney

BELOW THE POTOMAC: A Book about the New South

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An important book at a time when balance and equity in our national development should be a vast asset for defense, and when the New South is at the turning point. Not, perhaps, an essentially and delightfully readable as Jonathan Daniels, but more ground is covered, the facts are set out succintly and objectively. He begins lasting some of the legends about the South. He analyzes the political unity of the South, and urges the elimination of the one party system and the strengthening of a second party. He presents the New Deal in relation to the South, without bias, giving credit where credit is due, criticising the shortcomings. He discusses democracy in the South, discrimination on racial grounds, civil liberties, education, the situation in regard to lynching, Negro schooling, the decline of the ""dry"" sentiment and the blue laws, the bigotry, the South as the center of interventionist feeling, now discriminated against in placing of defense industries. He charts a course for the future. A book which should challenge readers north and south of the Potomac.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1942
Publisher: Appleton-Century