FOOD OF MY FRIENDS by Virginia afford


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We did not see this in the ordinary course of events -- but a copy sent me as a gift has proved so delightful that I'm including this note on it for those of you seeking something that is definitely more than ""just another cookbook"". Published just in time for Christmas, the first edition sold out in the Twin Cities alone -- for here is the best those hospitable cities have to offer by way of food and hostesses, a sampling of greater riches in store. Definitely war problem conscious -- rationing conscious -- the editor has chosen her contributors so that they represent as varied a type as the pre-war de luxe hostess, now doing her own work, the young mother with a war job and a husband overseas, a graduate of Gordon Bleu (NYO variety), a hotel dweller, with two burner electric grill kitchenette, a young matron who doesn't mind twenty for supper, and a wide variety of nationals, -- Norwegian, Swedish, Austrian, Dutch, Jewish, Italism, Mexican, Chinese, Polish -- and straight unadulterated American (if there is a such a thing). There's outdoor cooking -- river boat galley cooking -- morgasbord -- and a home meal. Few -- and available -- cuts of meat and meat substitutes; casserole dishes; buffet suppers -- and course dinners. There is very little duplication, though there are ional contradiction (I'll take Duncan Hines instead of Martha Ostenso as an authority on souffle potatoes, for example!) Tempting array -- for all tastes, and good cross indexing so that the arrangement of recipes within the compass of planned menus does not preclude using it as a working cookbook. Clear instructions.

Publisher: Univ. of Minnesota