COUNTY AGENT by Virginia B. McDonnell


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4-H-ome Ec in yet another (Aerospace Nurse) conjoint career romance which brings ""petite Lisa"" to the Adirondacks as a County Agent--""like a Peace Corps right here at home."" The death of her predecessor, much loved Miss Briggs, seems to accentuate the resentment of the people she is trying to help; but she does teach them to do for each other in times of trouble and gets really involved with Mike, a reporter (the romance) in securing a ski area and preventing the (mis)use of public funds.... The disaster-prone story (a flood to begin with; a blizzard at the end) may energize a little more interest than some and the plain folk fixin's make it seem a little more sensible than it probably is. And worthier rather than worthwhile.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1968
Publisher: Messner