THE END OF THE WEEK by Virginia Chase


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If you had luck with Friday. Thank God by Fern Rives which was published some years ago, this is again a composite novel of a group of women teachers in what is, unfortunately, a typical urban public school in a typical industrial city. Here, with sympathy,and accuracy, are the inhibited and impoverished lives of the women who teach the nation's children. There is a vague and gentle oldster who collects sayings of famous men as a hobby; there is a sheltered spinster with a mother fixation; a married teacher who virtually supports a salesman husband; a powerful,Lesbian assistant principal, her naive dupe, and the one teacher who is about to escape by marrying a widower with three children. Then, too, there is the battered school and the restless children crowded into rooms with inadequate and insufficient facilities. As one of the teachers says, ""It's gotten to the point where I glare at every pregnant woman"" which is not a happy thought- but one which may turn P.T.A.into pity teachers association.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1953
Publisher: Macmillan