VERONIQUE by Virginia Coffman


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From barouche to tumbril, the wheels keep turning back through the bloodiest days of the French Revolution, crushing but never altogether destroying the love of Veronique, a Vicomte's daughter, and one Gilles Marsan, a Jacobin. Veronique refuses to give him up in spite of her father's opposition which will take the latter's life; she enters a convent briefly; she comes out to be retrieved by him and accepted by his confreres on the dread Committee of Public Safety in spite of her ""regrettable antecedents""; and she is bearing his child when the tide turns and he is the next in line on the list of the proscribed. Coffman's tricolorful historical novel has the readily acquired momentum of its familiar materials and still more familiar characters and dialogue, but you know the audience--it reads while it knits.

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1975
Publisher: Arbor House