HYDE PLACE by Virginia Coffman


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Hyde Place is a large old house in San Francisco, to which Merideth (sic) comes after WW I searching for the mother who had abandoned her, and her father, for the hard stuff. She thinks she may be the frazzled old woman whom she meets on her arrival and just before Merideth succumbs to the Spanish flu. By the time she recovers, she's taken only too literally in hand by another woman and her husband and a younger man, a columnist. It's almost too pretty -- like a picture? like a frame? since Merideth is now an heiress. Miss Coffman tells her story with leisurely largesse, but it's not as overdressed as her first books -- in fact it's easily her most accomplished to date and it should ascend toward Dorothy Eden's audience.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1974
Publisher: Arbor House