THE CHICHI HOOHOO BOGEYMAN by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve


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The thinnest yet of Sneve's slight tales, with even less of the Indian background that sometimes compensates for her awkward writing and primitive plots. Here three girl cousins, all at least part Sioux though one is half white and another half Hopi, laugh about the scary figure which the three cultures call by different names--chichi, hoohoo, and bogeyman--and which might be responsible for the mysterious car horn blasts that have been plaguing Uncle George, Lori's father, ever since he decided to move from the mesa to Aberdeen. George's Hopi in-laws had hinted that the spirits would indicate their displeasure with the move, and in the end he gives in and returns to the mesa--but not until the girls, canoeing up river and exploring an old fort, run into a chichi/hoohoo/bogeyman of their own who turns out to be only a well-meaning, mildly retarded deaf mute. The car honking is never explained--nor, incidentally, is the family tree which precedes the story but only confuses the relationships by switching two of the three featured daughters.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1975
Page count: 64pp
Publisher: Holiday House