NORTH AMERICAN LEGENDS by Virginia--Ed. Haviland


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Many of the myths anthologized here are already available in less far-ranging juvenile collections: Haviland includes Indian and Eskimo tales from Martin's Raven-Who-Sets-Things-Right (1975), Robinson and Hill's Coyote the Trickster (1976), Caswell's Shadows from the Singing House (1968), and Marriott's Winter-telling Stories (1969); and some of her tall tales are from Chase's Jack Tales (1943), Shephard's Paul Bunyan (1952), Malcomson's Mister Stormalong (1952), and Blair's Tall Tale America (1944). ""Tar Baby"" is here too among the black tales--but not the Joel Chandler Harris version; and there is a Southern mountain version of Snow White called ""A Stepchild that was Treated Mighty Bad."" Overall Haviland succeeds admirably in ""choosing versions which are both true to the origins and enjoyable to read."" A lively and representative collection, with source notes and suggested readings appended--best suited to school and community groups first dipping into folklore.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1979
Publisher: Collins