AND MY HIGH TOWER by Virginia F. Selvey


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The finding of faith at a time of overall world anxiety and more immediate unhappiness at home as it was experienced by the Selveys, Ginny and Johnny. Ginny, dissatisfied with her work dishes and diapers, with Johnny's job- real estate which kept him away from home, found their marriage seriously threatened, until she and Johnny attended their Community Church, joined in the group discussion for young people, and eventually found a more satisfying future for Johnny- in the ministry, as well as the answer to their personal problem through religion. Their first elation and their first discouragements, the transition from the secular to the sacred; some of the stigma of being ""different"" largely as it on the children; and the adaptation in general which included college for Johnny simultaneously with his first sermons and activities as a minister. A personal story with a larger application, which directs its persuasion towards a younger audience.

Publisher: Doubleday