BOBCAT by Virginia F. Voight


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This year-in-the-life of a bobcat starts out with Stub Tail first opening his eyes; in the end he curls up with tired satisfaction after defeating another bobcat who has tried to take over his newly appropriated territory. Meanwhile Stub Tail learns how to hunt and is threatened by an owl, teased by a squirrel, fed fish by a boy, and shot and wounded by a hunter; his father, less fortunate, is shot dead by a farmer, and his sister meets her end at the hands of a fur trapper. Voight does as well as the next practitioner of this convention in projecting a typical life in the wild, but--despite Stub Tail's ""queer thrill"" and ""tingle"" on his first experience with a mouse--it's hard to imagine that children will find these fictionalized encounters involving. Recent cat books by Zim (p. 639, J-115) and the Silversteins (above) should remind us that non-fiction presentations can be more interesting as well as more informative than the routinely invented experiences of a representative individual.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1978
Publisher: Dodd, Mead