BRAVE LITTLE HUMMINGBIRD by Virginia Frances Voight


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If you have McClung's Ruby Throat, you have the same storied year without the heartthrob of 'brave little Hummer's' escape from an ocelot, precarious Gulf of Mexico crossing, etc.; if you have Roma Gans' Hummingbirds in the Garden, you have straightforward description and explanation and altogether more information; if you have either, you have more precisely instructive illustration: the alternately peach- and green-tinged pages here don't even allow one to see the hummingbird wholly colored. Furthermore, not only is Hummer, the individual, heroicized (McClung, wiser, says ""He would be a real fighter, like all hummingbirds""), but she is made to realize ""that winter was gone in the north"" (McClung: ""Something was telling him to leave""); how she finds her way is passed over as if it were not even a question. Fluff by comparison with the others.

Pub Date: Jan. 26th, 1971
Publisher: Putnam