UNCAS: Sachem of the Wolf People by Virginia Frances Voight

UNCAS: Sachem of the Wolf People

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A meandering, rambling tale of an Indian boy who leads his Mohegan tribe against the rebellious Pequots when they refuse to follow his ways. While Henry Hudson sailed up New York Bay, the son of the great chief Owenoco mastered the tasks of a demanding Indian boyhood. When the chief dies, Uncas his son becomes Sachem and leads his people to new hunting grounds in the Connecticut wilderness. Against the wishes and beliefs of many Indians, Uncas permits the establishment of a Dutch trading post. Since the Pequots remain stalwart in their opposition to the white invader, they are incensed when Uncas befriends the English largely out of recognition of their enormous power. Bloody wars follow, but in the end, the followers of Uncas are victorious, as his wisdom is borne out by the prosperity of his own people. Aside from some interesting glimpses of Indian custom, the plot with its tangled offshoots and hazy focus is hardly worth deciphering.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1963
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls