ZEKE AND THE FISHER-CAT by Virginia Frances Voight


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Fourteen years after the settlement of the colony, the Renfields of Plymouth move to the wilds of Connecticut. Their trek and settlement as seen through the eyes of young Zeke, make a steadfast story of America's infancy coupled with the adventure of an Indian war staved off by Zeke's friendship with the Mohegan boy, Nemox. After the Renfields reach Wethersfield, simmering trouble with Pequots momentarily boils when the tribe's anger is incurred by the rumored murder of another Indian, in reality killed by Dutch. In consequences that see the capture of Zeke and his young sister, Nemox proves loyal and persuades the Mohegan Sachem to help the whites. Nemox, by the way, is named after the fisher-cat, a now nearly extinct member of the weasel family. Well worked historical fiction in a novel with some familiar scenes for Connecticut residents.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1953
Publisher: Holiday House