A HOUSE FOR THE WEEK ENDS by Virginia Kirkus


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Joseph Henry Jackson, of the San Francisco Chronicle reports as follows:- ""For once here is a house-in-the-country book that is neither cutie-pie nor ecstatically mystical. Instead, it's a 'how to' book of rare quality. Miss Kirkus wanted a week-end house, found one that suited her means, spent the next four years doing it over and living in it. Now she tells the story in detail, always shrewdly extending the application of what she herself has done to what her readers may want to do. Each chapter is followed by several pages of 'Notebook Leaves' summarizing the lessons learned and packed with useful facts and valuable advice, and the volume includes a reading list of titles the author found useful in streamlining the job she had undertaken. Best feature of the book is that its hints and general counsel are sound stuff anywhere, north, south, east or west. The result is a veritable textbook on the art of week-end living for those of the middle-income group who want to get into the country when they can, yet a textbook that carries its innumerable facts and bits of good advice imbedded in the amber of a good story. Prospects: Any of a million Americans, more or less, who have ever dreamed of a house in the country. Miss Kirkus has aimed straight at those people. Her book will charm the woman reader and please her husband by its utterly practical viewpoint.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1940
Publisher: Little, Brown