HOW I COOK IT by Virginia McDonald


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To people in northwest Missouri the McDonald tea room provides much the same sort of lure that Krebs in central New York offers that area. The clientele comes from distant points-and the food is talked of far beyond its regional accessibility. Here is a collection of the most popular dishes, suggestions for the garnishes that have made her food pleasing to the eye as well as the palate. While it is not intended as a basic book, any housekeeper who enjoys getting new ideas will find them here. There is no sparing of the budget, in the generous use of butter and cream. It is assumed that methods have been mastered earlier-so this is not for the neophyte. I found some good salad suggestions, some tempting sounding chicken, cheese and egg dishes, some sauces I've tried to chase down elsewhere, some new suggestions for preparation of vegetables. A good deal of space is devoted to desserts, which will make this useful for other tea rooms, perhaps more than private families. Timing is very carefully indicated- but quantity is left to the cook to figure out (I mean service for how many). Frank Glenn has made an attractive looking book, and is introducing a new packaging with transparent window and protective wrapping for display.

Publisher: Frank Glenn, Kansas City