LOUIS JOLLIET by Virginia S. Eifert


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An author who has written a great deal on historical subjects utilizes straight exposition in her biography of Jolliet. Obviously Miss Eifert has left no stone unturned, nor any document unread, for her portrait of the man and his times unfurls in detailed, sequential order. Stories of the western lakes region with its untapped copper mines inspired Jolliet to undertake an expedition with Marquette into the unexplored waters of the Mississippi. On his return to Quebec, Jolliet could prove little of the amazing discoveries he had made. Subsequent voyages along the St. Lawrence in the Great Lakes region and through the northern territory of Labrador revealed even more exciting phenomena. Between these trips, Jolliet managed to establish a successful fur business despite English harassment. Though he traversed many rivers and unknown territories, like so many before and after him, his quest for what lay beyond the horizon was never truly fulfilled. The author captures this spirit and the feverish struggle between the world powers for a permanent foothold in the New World in informed terms that will appeal to those with a taste for history.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1961
Publisher: Dodd, Mead