PENNY TALES by Virginia Schone


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Schone's mild little joke tales have more integrity than many, but the question is whether the modesty of the title redeems the skimpiness of the contents, or whether the multiplicity of one-page ""tales"" (fifteen in all) makes up for the brevity of each. Some simply set up for a punch line (a cat stretches to inordinate lengths, then says, ""I must remember not to nibble on that rubber plant""); some have mock- or mini-morals (a girl pulls a horse in a buggy--everyone needs a change once in a while); some are just plain silly (a brontosaurus goes to a ball dressed in a cloud, which then starts to rain); and others cast dumb animals in cautionary/ foolish roles (""Chippie"" thinks someone stole his cherries, but they turn up in his own jaw). Fragile to start with, the tales are accompanied by full-page, many-patterned pictures which inflate without enlarging the humor. The result could be a bust.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press