DRY MESSIAH: The Life of Bishop Cannon by Virginius Dabney

DRY MESSIAH: The Life of Bishop Cannon

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The high-hatted, black frock-coated reformer with the sour granite face, the reformer of the cartoonists, comes to life in a well authenticated, sharply written study of the life of Southern Methodist Bishop Cannon. An unbiased biography, it reveals success and scandal, storm and fury with appalling frankness. It ruthlessly records Cannon's financial and moral notoriety, his alleged bucketshop dealings, his trials by a Senate Committee and his own brethren, together with his issuance from these astounding difficulties. The toast of yellow journalism in the 1930's, hounded for moral turpitude and monetary juggling, Cannon somehow managed to emerge, followed by a gust of hatred and vindication wrought into an absurd and mystifying pattern. As a human being, this is a rocking condemnation, although credit is given to his devotion to the dry cause and Protestant Christianity with the conclusion- ""His Soul goes marching on""... There will be a market among perennial prohibitionists, among lovers of the bizarre and the fantastic in personality profiles.

Publisher: Knopf