ALINKA, THE WILD GOOSE by Vitalli ianki


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isha and his father band a wild goose, Galinka. The story follows Galinka from the time they release her from their kind captivity. In beating her way north. The dangers she encounters include birds of prey and hunters. A great deal of natural history comes through as an essential part of the plot, adding to the story's interest and value. Eluding natural and human predators provides the low keyed adventure; alinka's return to her flock and her bereft, monogamous mate is straightforwardly nsentimental. Misha receives word from a distant school teacher who has seen her and, of Galinka's goslings and her nest under the protective nest of a falcon, who would hunt her in flight, but not at home. The block prints of Barbara Damroe are distinctive, decorative and admirably support the excellent translation of the well-known Russian writer's text.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1963
Publisher: raziller