SELF-DISCOVERY by Vladimir Savchenko


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Systems technologist Valentin Krivoshein, trying to construct a computer capable of organizing random input into logical operations, inadvertently achieves the ultimate information system: a cybernetic-chromosomal soup that produces a Krivoshein double. Further experiments yield two more genetically retailored selves. The plot concerns the efforts of the three artificial Krivosheins to head off a murder investigation resulting from the accidental death of their ""original,"" and to decide how to use his discoveries for the betterment of mankind. Unfortunately Savchenko has opted for a labored, roundabout structure, with dozens of would-be-suspenseful flashbacks and hours of banal philosophizing among the Krivoshein alter egos. And Bouis, who has done some crackerjack translations of Russian science fiction, here writes a careless and false-toned English. An expendable import.

Pub Date: April 4th, 1979
Publisher: Macmillan