I SPEAK FOR THE SILENT: Prisoners of the Soviet by Vladimir Tchernavin

I SPEAK FOR THE SILENT: Prisoners of the Soviet

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The husband of the author of Escape from the Soviet gives here another facet of the terrible picture, less appealing in subject matter, perhaps, but convincing, readable, tragic in its implication. It presents the business man's side of the inner circles of Soviet Russia, from a scientist's point of view. Penalized because he belonged to the nobility, though he had no fortune other than his profession as director of production and research for the North State Fishing Trust, his imprisonment under the Soviet regime was occasionally relieved by similar service for them, though he chafed under the indignities and preposterous program, which involved death after death, a sacrifice to their own fantastic schemes. The story reveals the life and organization of the prisons, the treatment meted out to those dealing with the Communists. The market is comparatively limited; men chiefly, and those interested in Russia.

Pub Date: Feb. 9th, 1935
Publisher: Hale, Cushman & Flint