POLO by Vol. XXI Lonsdale Library


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Polo is no longer a rich man's sport played in exclusive clubs. In nearly every city where there is a sport and horse-loving population you will find a polo field thronged with enthusiasts every Saturday or Sunday that the ground is fit for play. Here is the best possible book on the general subject of polo. Every phase is written by an expert on that subject. The early history of the game abroad and here, excellent advice to beginners, tactics, practice, panics, their selection, care and training, horsemanship, special problems, teams and international competition are all covered in the thorough manner which characterizes all the volumes in The Lonsdale Library. Be certain your team knows this book is out and emphasize the fact that while it is required reading for every player it is grand pleasure reading for the gate. I couldn't put it down and I'm no goaler!

Publisher: Lippincott