SON OF OSCAR WILDE by Vyvyan Holland


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At times stunning in the revelation of human cruelty and the misery it engenders, at times stultifying in the detail of schoolboy transfers, this autobiography of Oscar Wilde's younger son is a virtually new and vital part of the Wilde story. Vyvyan was a young boy when he was deprived of a father he recalled as affectionate and was victimized along with his older brother Cyril, his mother and his father, by the grim Victorian grindstone of righteousness. He tells how he grew up on the Continent, concealing his paternity and living under the ancestral name of Holland. Weighted by an unknown tragedy, of which his brother had gained knowledge, he lived through the trials and exhilarations of schooldays, to return to England only after his beloved mother's death. Deception continued until in London he met his father's friends and came to know something of the true nature of his father. Cyril met death in World War I, and Vyvyan made a name for himself in letters, while the name the Victorians had scratched from title pages regained its brilliant lustre. At once agonized and accepting, this is( a necessarily unique viewpoint of the Wilde tragedy, which will find its audience.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1954
Publisher: Dutton