A TRIP INTO YOUR UNCONSCIOUS by W. A. & B. Frank Foster Mambert


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For the reader not unduly put off by the over-generalizing, quasi-scientific, proto-sappy character of the self-help genre, this Trip -- a third-class excursion into dream interpretation and the inner mind -- combines a simplified version of some Jungian psychological theory with some classical wisdom (know thyself variety), some commonsensical notions about self love, some speculations about the power of prayer, and some waffling about necromancy. Has Hans Holzer really ""obtained what appears to be photographic proof of the existence of both spirits and the possibility of their manifesting themselves?"" And it forms . . . an over-generalizing, quasi-scientific, proto-sappy self-helper. Includes appropriate terminology, case histories, dream classifications and symbols, and recurrent statements like ""It has been said that there is nothing that will not give up its secrets if it is loved enough. This could not be truer of anything than it is of one's own self."" Mr. Mambert is an applied psychologist and the late Mr. Foster a Baptist minister.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1973
Publisher: Acropolis Books