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by W. Bruce Cameron

Pub Date: Oct. 22nd, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-7653-3055-0
Publisher: Forge

Cameron’s latest demonstrates how the unconditional love received from dogs can make all the difference in human lives.

Josh Michaels, who lives in the Colorado mountains, is tricked by a dishonest neighbor into taking on the short-term care of a dog named Lucy. Josh never owned a dog, so everything about this new responsibility is initially daunting. For Josh, loss has been a fact of life ever since his mother and sister left when he was 17. His father remarried and moved to England, too far for much visitation. His live-in girlfriend left him for another man, so as this enchanting novel opens, he lives alone and pays the mortgage on what was once the family home by doing website design, until a project supervisor who doesn’t like him takes him off the team, leaving him to look for work during an economic downturn. He is lonely and vulnerable, so it doesn’t take long for the affectionate Lucy to win him over. His heart is broken when Lucy gives birth to a litter of stillborn pups. Then someone dumps a box with five newborn puppies in his truck, and Lucy nurses them. Along the way, our hero meets Kerri, who's affiliated with a local animal shelter, and turns to her for advice on handling his new responsibilities. Kerri and Josh have their romantic ups and downs, mostly since Josh can never quite figure out what to say or how to say it. Cute descriptions of the dogs’ behaviors will make readers want to find a pup to cuddle.  

A book about dog lovers by an author who understands the canine soul.