CAN I KNOW GOD? by W. E. Sangster


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The author, Dr. W. E. Sangster, who died in 1960, was for 16 years minister of Westminster Central Hall (Methodist) in London, where thousands heard him as one of the great preachers of this generation. Without fawning or seeking favor by preaching what men wanted to hear, or making religion seem easy, he challenged men by helping them face up to their doubts and uncertainties, and he held up the vision of Christ as One who alone could relieve them of their distress, calling on them never to pass up an opportunity to witness for Christ. Here is a collection of 17 of his sermons which are especially helpful to those who must face the difficulties of the modern world; clergy and laity alike will be glad to know that Dr. Sangster, though he is dead, yet speaks the word of life after, and for, his Master.

Pub Date: Jan. 9th, 1960
Publisher: Abingdon