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A collection of true stories from one of the most colorfuland most strategic air campaigns of the war. Africa, Italy, the Balkans during the period from September 1942 to July1944. ""The heroism, the sacrifice, the humanity, and the humorof men at war"" here exemplified in about 70 short to longepisodes of individuals, quadrons, planes...of three men intwo Spitfires who cleared the African skies of Junkerreconaissance planes, permanently; of the 18 Imperturbables, who dropped 66000 bombs every hour for five days; of the FreeFrench fliers in Tunis who had to bomb their own families toget the Germans; of the Palm Sunday jackpot when the Germanlosses ran heavy; of a desert rescue: of the parachutes usedto bring a plane down to safe landing; of catching the Germanswith their planes down at Foggia; of the last minutecancellation of the airborne invasion of Rome; and so on. Heavy odds, long chances and high courage for a miscellany ofdramatic interest.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce