DEMOCRACY IN JONESVILLE by W. Lloyd & Associates Warner


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In the tradition of Middletown, this synthesizes the investigations and conclusions of a group of social scientists and reports on the democratic beliefs and practices of Jonesville (in the midwest's North Prairie) which might well be any town in U.S.A. Here you will see the pattern of social mobility; how families rise and fall; how democracy and social class control individual and group behaviour; and what part is played by wealth, education, etc. etc. This study follows Jonesville from its historical origins to its social levels today; shows how the class system operates even in childhood; the influence of the mill- as an economic and social force; the various organizations, clubs, churches; the one ethnic group- the Norwegians; the high schools; the two party political system; the war, and the attitudes it engendered; and lastly the social truths to be derived from a study of this kind.... The material, if largely scientific in presentation, is interesting, particularly for a professional market.

Pub Date: July 27th, 1949
Publisher: Harper