GOZO'S WONDERFUL KITE by W. Ryerson Johnson


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An intriguing little fantasy about a Japanese youngster and a magic painting. Although times were hard in the village where Gozo and his father and mother lived, the family's hearts were very and when it was decided that the lovely painting of wild which hung in Gozo's home must be sold. The painting was a very precious one for had been painted long ago by a famous Japanese painter, and to Gozo, who had named one of the geese in the painting, it was very dear indeed. But no one knew how miraculous the painting was until Gozo flew the painting on his kite so that the picture geese could be with the wild geese, and one of the picture geese disappeared The delightful oings which follow bring fame and money to Gozo and his family. Beguiling magic well tempered with a pleasant glimpse of a Japanese family. We have not seen the illustrations in color by Lois Ligneil.

Pub Date: Aug. 14th, 1951
Publisher: Crowell