DON FERNANDO or Variations on Some Spanish Themes by W. Somerant Mougham
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DON FERNANDO or Variations on Some Spanish Themes

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Here's a book unique in its field -- neither a travel book, nor a volume of essays on Spain, but something rather choice, distinctly ""highbrow"" in appeal, but an essential for every sincere Maugham fan, as it contains some of his very finest work. A rambling, discursive shul pilgrimage through the Spain that he makes essentially his own, -- the Spain of a strange glamor and mysticism and turning back to the Golden Age of her arts. In his analysis of her poetry and drama and picaresque novels and painting, he reveals his peculiar powers of interpretation, of an ability to get inside his subject. He makes no attempt to picture as an entity the Spain of today, but one gets a sense of his feeling that modern Spain has no soul, and that to interpret her, one must know her past....Not a book for popular sale, but a book that your customers who seek the choice, unexpected and literary type of book will appreciate enormously.

Pub Date: July 19th, 1935
Publisher: Doubleday, Doran