THE NEW DELHI REPORT by W.A. -- Ed.  Hooft


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Every student of the ecumenical movement among the world's Christian Churches must have to this official report of the Third Assembly of the World Council of at New Delhi, India, from Nov. 19 -- Dec. 5, 1961. The report includes the and committee reports, and the discussions and decisions concerning them. These will to be invaluable for study and discussion at local levels, a process which is essential if Church unity is ever to capture the imagination and acceptance of the and file. Dr. Samuel McCrea Cavert introduces this report with ""The New Delhi "", a day by day narrative account of what happened. A section of appendices lists the organization of the Assembly, member Churches, delegate membership, the constitution and rules of the Council of Churches, and other necessary study and research material. In brief, this is an indispensable volume to all who care about Church unity and are willing to spend a little time to inform themselves about what their leaders are saying and

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