THE HOT COUNTRY by Waldon Porterfield


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As nearly as could be determined with application, this is a blood-spattered action number which takes place in one of those little banana republics in South America. After a stint in Burma where he learned all about ""dirty trick"" fighting, now unemployed as well as unmotivated, James Sheldon is ""looking for life in nearness to death."" It's not hard to find the former with Anita, a pretty little girl up in the hills, and there is much pigeon pillow talk (""Do you suppose we made a baby"").... or the latter as he goes after the eight men who tie her up and rape her, determined to kill them one by one. . . . Hasta la vista. . . . . . . . chile con carnage.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1968
Publisher: Lyle Stuart