THE WAY TO GAME ABUNDANCE by Wallace Byron Grange


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The market for this ties in closely with Bobwhites on The Rise (see P. 524) for this too deals with the new science of game management. The author explores the secrets of wildlife existence, the natural laws of population, the fundamental facts which must be known before the facts of game management can be understood. He goes into the biological and environment backgrounds, the variety in animal patterns, the activity cycles, the problems of home range, geographic range, predation, disease cycles, effect of encroaching civilization, natural propagation. He illustrates his points by reference to specific examples (snowshoe rabbit, grouse, deer, quail, etc.) He suggests the application of the knowledge of game cycles to such things as burning techniques, logging, food strip cultivation, grazing, farm practices. He discusses briefly, parallel conditions in aquatic game abundance. An overall picture in a special field.

Publisher: Scribner