WE'RE IN THIS WITH RUSSIA by Wallace Carroil


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In sharp contrast to John Scott's book, this is definitely keyed for popular consumption. The author is distinctly hopeful of Russia's ultimate victory, perhaps he is too confident and will give comfort to those willing to sit back and let Russia do it all. His book, based on a visit to Russia in 1941, takes the form of answers to the questions he is most frequently asked. He makes the confusion of diplomatic intrigue which preceded itter's attack relatively simple; he sketches with sure hand the face of a country rapidly emancipated from serfdom, now wholly changed again by total war. One feels that he entered Russia as an impartial and dispassionate observer -- and made the most of his stay. His final chapters stress the joint responsibility of America and Russia for the peace, the necessity of strong action here to sustain a balance, within and without.

Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin