HIS CONTINUED WITNESS by Wallace D. Chappell


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Twelve ""simple sermons"" deal with the life of the early church, on the basis of passages in the book of Acts. The author claims a two-fold purpose inducing a fresh consideration of Acts; and exhorting his readers to be channels of the Holy Spirit -- in itself a purpose of dubious theological validity. The treatment, unfortunately, is often superficial and trite. There is little consecutive, grounded development or careful exegesis or exposition of the material of Acts, but for the most part, only declarative statements, illustrative anecdote, and quotation of familiar hymns or somewhat sentimental poetry. The sermons may be said to be simple -- in the sense of elementary; but that they will accomplish the purposes the author sets for them is doubtful. It is not easy to say just what reader could gain from reading them.

Publisher: Abingdon