HIGH MOMENT by Wallace- Ed. Brockway


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There is on occasion a crisis in the life of a man that at the same time constitutes a crucial moment in the life of humanity."" To isolate these ""high moments"" which marked an obvious point of demarcation in a life which was later to influence the course of history- or thought- through the centuries, these articles have been written by an excellent cast of contributors; Irwin Edman on Socrates, Will Durant on Caesar, Wyndham Lewis on Joan of Arc, Douglas Southall Freeman on Washington, Claude Bowers on Jefferson, Louis Kronenberger on Gibbon, Benjamin Thomas on Lincoln- among the sixteen here. And so these moments of choice, decision or revelation (perhaps not all as absolute as the crossing of the Rubicon or Socrates' trial) provide a cavalcade of great men in terms of the circumstances and concepts they were to shape.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster