FELIX FRANKFURTER: A Tribute by Wallace- Ed. Mendelson


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Mr. Justice Frankfurter retired from the Supreme Court in 1963 amidst echoing cries of his great liberalism, more recent and louder cries of his sudden conservatism, and judging from this Festschrift, a collection of tributes that outdid all the other noise. For the most part, the selections are personal reminiscences: Sir Isaiah Berlin on F.F. at Oxford, various lawyers, government men and friends of their own associations with him at Harvard Law School, on the Court, and in the government. Frankfurter's philosophy of justice is also duly covered -- the influence of Justices Holmes and Brandeis, his emphasis on the democratic process, dispersion of power, and his antipathy toward government by the judiciary. The presentation of the A.B.A. medal occasioned many of these pieces honoring Frankfurter as lawyer, judge, and defender of the ""liberal democracy."" For those with general legal interests--and F.F. in particular.

Pub Date: May 13th, 1964
Publisher: -Reynal