ONLY THE BEST: Six Qualities of Excellence by Wallace Hildick

ONLY THE BEST: Six Qualities of Excellence

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How do you get to the head of the class? Get to be a ""superpro"" among the rabble who have their greedy paws on the slippery rungs of the success ladder? How do you become a boxer's boxer, an Atomic physicist's Atomic physicist, a book reviewer's book reviewer, a thief's thief?. Hildick -- whose potential adherents (second-raters) will be discouraged by his less than excellent performance here -- has a formula -- a gross little recipe which allegedly applies to every endeavor. Take a pound of singlemindedness (""probably the most valuable ingredient"" -- cf. Cezanne, Joyce), add a dedicated factotum (wife, sister -- this is male oriented), fold in a generous heap of self-knowledge of one's shortcomings (cf. Stanislavski), pepper it with prima-donnaish temperament (cf. Maria Callas) and faith in one's ability ""to survive disappointment and defeat,"" and garnish with an eye for detail, and you have the components of. . . Only the Best, the ""high-achievers"" guidebook. Pop stuff, not so much silly as simple.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1973
Publisher: Clarkson N. Potter -- dist. by Crown